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Buy a 2022/23 OBY Calendar. Yes, the year has begun but this calendar covers financial year to financial year! Jan 2022 - April 2023...


PLUS... how many calendars have our wonderful youth on there? How many have amazing prayer prompts? How many have encouraging scripture? How many have important OBC dates? How many help participate in change in our community?


...Not many...


Support OBY send more young people to camps, reach the lost, equip leaders, support, care for & love our local community, further relationships with the wider OBC community & help to cultivate a strong, hospitable & safe, Christ-centred culture at it's Wednesday services.

2022 OBY Calendar

  • If there is concern about how you have recieved the product, please contact us at However, dates & events on product may change and are not grounds for returns.

  • When your calendar is ready  you will be notified and be able to collect your product from Orewa Baptist Church. 9am - 3pm Monday - Thursday.

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