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Field Hike


the what...

Simply put, the 10K initiative is about introducing people to Jesus. Our goal is to reach 10,000 people with the gospel over the next 10 years.

the how...

How is 10K accomplished?

One conversation at at time. Chances are you know many people that do not know Jesus. We encourage you to aim in having faith conversations with 3-4 people in 2022.

the who...

God is on a mission of reconciliation through Jesus and He has incorporated His people in His Mission. God has chosen Christians to be the instrument He uses to share the gospel message!

What's Next???

Simply follow the 3 steps below to participate in the 10K Initiative:




Discovering Jesus and following Him is ground zero for everything in our lives. As we know Him more, we love Him, His mission and our neighbour. Ask Jesus to give you a genuine love for others and to lead you into opportunities to have gospel-centred conversations.

A great way to discover Jesus is through the Scriptures. If you'd like to find a Bible reading plan click here.




Get equipped. Join us for our one-day training event and receive the tools you need to have gospel-centred conversations.

*Check this space later on to find out when our next workshop will take place.

While you wait, click here watch a quick testimonial video from our workshop attendees.




Have THE conversation! Remember, you are NOT alone! Many others are discovering Jesus and equipping themselves to have gospel-centred conversations. Once you've had THE conversation, make sure to share your story with us here.

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